FAQs for Doctor

Q1. Am I free to vary my doctor fees from time to time ?
A. Yes. Though we recommend that your fee for any of three services on the portal namely consultation through appointment in person, follow up consultation through web portal and second opinion consultation through web portal should be stable over a period of time.
Q2. May I charge different fee for each of three mentioned services on the web portal ?
A. Yes. It is recommended though that fee for services through the portal be substantially lower than your normal in person consultation fee due to saving of time and energy to you when using the portal for use of any or all of stated services. Lower fee will also direct more business to you through the portal.
Q3. How is use web portal beneficial to me ?
A. In due course the web portal will be widely advertised in press, electronic media, social media, word of mouth and through tie up with allied medical services such as medical testing laboratories etc. Your presence through listing and registration on the web portal may enhance your practice, professional standing and reputation.
Q4. I understand that you are billing me portal usage charges. Are these the same for any of services listed on your portal. ?
A. We are billing you separate portal usage charges depending upon type of service request you receive on the portal. On a periodical basis, we will aggregate the number of invoices raised against you for portal charges for type services given by you to patient, deduct the total from the doctor fee for you received from your patients and make the balance payment to you.
Q5. Please explain to me the concept of general discount and coupon codes ?
A. General discount is the discount in percentage you wish to give to the patients for each type of service listed on the web portal and which you give to the client. You are free to change this at any time at your discretion. Coupon codes may be generated by you as additional discount over and above the general discount for particular patients for a variety of reasons depending upon circumstances of each case. Each coupon code generated by you will be given to patient by you. It will be for a limited validity period and an amount/percentage of your fee for any service. Generation of coupon code is purely at your discretion.
Q6. I understand that you are billing me portal usage charges depending upon type of service on the web portal. Please explain in detail when such charges will be levied:
Request Status Appointment Request Follow-up Consultation Second Opinion Request
Confirmed by Doctor Charged to Doctor and Patient NA NA
Rejected by Doctor Not Charged Not Charged Not Charged
Replied by Doctor Charged to Doctor and Patient Charged to Doctor and Patient Charged to Doctor and Patient
Canceled by Patient Charged to Patient Only Charged to Patient Only Charged to Patient Only
Auto Rejected (If Doctor Does not respond to Patient Request) Not Charged Not Charged Not Charged
Q7. When will I get paid for services rendered through the web portal ?
A. You will be paid on a periodic basis on services you confirm having given on the web portal based on a statement generated by the web portal for this period. From the total amount of doctor fee due to you after applicable discounts (at your discretion), the portal will deduct the applicable portal usage fees and pay you the balance.
Q8. Will I be able to see total revenue generated to my account through the web portal?
A. Yes. A periodic statement of revenue generated to your account for each type of service listed and provided through the web portal will be visible to you. You will be able to see the total number of requests received by you, in each type of service provided and quantity of services you were able to successfully provide against each type of request.
Q9. Is the Patient able to evaluate the quality of a doctor service?
A. The Patient is allowed to rate doctor services in a subjective manner based on his complete experience of his/her dealing with the doctor. In this regard patient has choice of marking as per followings:
Needs Substantial Improvement
Very Good
Periodically an average of total stars received against a doctor name will be displayed in the particular doctor profile.

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