The purpose of the web portal, is as to/allows:

  • Facilitate communication between web portal users (Patients) and Doctors using internet medium for payment of doctor fee and portal usage charges for requesting and confirming appointments, follow up consultations after appointment/ through prescriptions and medical advice, obviating need for patients to visit Doctor clinic when physical examination by doctor is not necessary as well as seeking second opinions on medical advice already received from another doctor/s.

    Using the web portal judiciously may save the patient valuable time and resources by avoiding a trip to doctor clinic. It allows the doctor to timely reply to patient queries after viewing patient’s physical visit prescription paper/s and result of medical tests/progress made by patient, over internet, without having the patient in doctor clinic. This conserves doctor energy to examine more patients who require a physical examination for conduct of medical treatment, in a working day.
  • The web portal allows for communications(Subject to terms and conditions of use of web portal given elsewhere in the portal) between users and doctors through medium of text, voice , uploading of medical reports and documents on portal and sending of certain medical documents by post.
  • Web portal users to seek medical opinions from doctors of various specializations as per user need on basis of medical reports/patient information, without need to visit the doctor, unless the doctor demands to see the user before giving any medical advice. Such facilitation is also useful for portal users who do not have logistical accessibility to concerned doctor/s being geographically distant from latter.
  • Access to web portal users to renowned medical test clinics for doctor specified medical tests in form and content as per doctor specifications and facility for such clinic/s to upload the tests directly on to the web portal for access by the patient as well as doctor/s.
  • Storage of medical test reports, prescriptions and allied documents on the web portal for a finite time period for easy access by doctor and patient thereby providing an option to concerned to retrieve such reports as and when needed for medical reference.
  • Continually update the panel of experienced and renowned Doctors registered with the portal for each city in India/out of India, in all major specialties to be available to provide optimum medical advice and outpatient treatment to web portal users.

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