FAQs for Patient


Q1. Why should I use the web portal to request appointment from doctor when I can easily call up doctor and confirm appointment?
A. Your request to doctor for appointment through web portal is accompanied by your payment of prescribed doctor fee. Therefore the doctor will give your request for appointment the highest priority and you are most likely to get precedence over other walk in clients and confirmed appointments for which no payment has been received by the doctor.
Q2. You allow me to only indicate a time schedule for appointment request and not the exact time request for the appointment? Am I expected to wait for two to three hours ? This is inconvenient.
A. The doctor receives your request for an appointment in a particular time slot on a particular date. If and when the doctor confirms the appointment he/she will indicate a firm time of appointment within the time slot selected by you.
Q3. Once I have made an appointment request to the doctor with my payment am I allowed to cancel my request?
A. Yes. You may cancel the request at least 24 hours before the start of your selected time slot for appointment on a requested date. In this case doctor fee would be refunded to you within 7 working days, but portal usage charges would be payable by you.
Q4. If despite confirming my appointment, the doctor is unable to see me or delays the appointment what do I do?
A. In this case you may reschedule the appointment with the doctor with no further reference to the web portal. Or you may cancel the appointment and seek a refund of doctor fee directly from the doctor concerned. Portal usage fee paid will not be refunded. You may however write about your experience with the doctor to the web portal which will use your feedback for continuous evaluation of quality of doctor services.
Q5. Do I get any advantage of requesting appointments through the web portal instead of directly calling up the doctor?
A. In most cases doctor/s will offer you attractive discounts of making appointment requests through the web portal which may not be available to you when you make a direct appointment request. Besides, our doctors are very very busy and it is difficult to get timely appointments directly from them. However if you come through the site, these doctors will give you a preference in giving appointments as per your request.
Q6. May I book an appointment for thirty days from now?
A. No. Currently the web portal permits you to make an appointment request only up to 15 days in advance.
Q7. I have made an appointment request but it has been three days and I have not received a reply from the doctor. What do I do?
A. If within 24 hours of your having made an appointment request you do not receive a response from the doctor, the request will be cancelled and your total payment will be refunded within seven working days.
Q8. The doctor has rejected my request for an appointment. Where do I stand?
A. If the doctor is busy on date and time slot for which you requested an appointment, you may request for appointment for another day and another time slot. Your total payment will be refunded to you within 7 working days.
Q9. The doctor did not confirm my appointment or reject my appointment request but instead replied to me. What do I do now?
A. In this case, you may follow the doctor directions and contact doctor directly if necessary. The doctor fee would be refunded to you within seven working days, but portal charges will be payable by you.
Q10. How do I prepare myself for an appointment?
  1. Fixing appointments well in advance helps you stay ahead. Also reconfirm by phone. Just in case there is a cancellation from doctor side for any reason you will save time and the hassle of getting to the doctor clinic.
  2. Reach 15-20 minutes before the scheduled appointment time confirmed by the doctor.Doing so will give you enough time to check in and have your preliminary assessments done before the actual appointment time.
  3. It is always better to be ready before hand than to think about your queries at the time of your appointment consultation. Take a few minutes to jot down key questions about your illness.
  4. Keep the latest set of test reports handy. This will save you time from extra effort and time to search the whole file. It will also help your doctor understand which tests have been done recently (to avoid repeat testing) and which need to be updated.
  5. Bring the list of current medication you are taking. If you do not understand your medication, carry the medicine itself. This information is vital for your doctor to treat you.
  6. You meet a doctor to address your medical concerns. Do not distract the doctor by starting a conversation about non-medical issues. Your feedback to improve services is important but do now waste your consultation time on this. Rather ask the staff for a feedback form to address your other non-medical concerns.
  7. Understand that doctors are often working under tremendous pressure. They try to do their best, but delays are sometimes inevitable. So wait for your turn patiently. This will help the doctor do the best for each.


Q11. I am unable to load certain reports and X rays for peruse of doctor. What do I do?
A. Please tick the box against which is written SENDING CERTAIN MEDICAL REPORTS THROUGH COURIER. Then put all such medical reports/X rays in an envelope. Mark the envelope with your unique patient ID on econsultdocto.com , seal and courier to doctor concerned. The doctor will get a message that you are sending certain medical reports vide courier. In this case the doctor will get up to 15 days’ time from date of your request to give you a follow up consultation/second opinion consultation as the case may be. If after 15 days you do not get a response, the pending request will be automatically cancelled and you will get full refund of your doctor fee and portal usage fee payment within seven working days.
Q12. In how much time will I get a response from the doctor to my consultation request?
A. Each doctor has stipulated a time frame within which you will get a reply from the doctor. And it will be shown when you are sending consultation request to the doctor. In case you do not get a reply within the doctor given time frame, your request will be automatically cancelled and total payment made by you for doctor fee and portal usage fee would be refunded to you within seven working days.
Q13. In case the doctor rejects my consultation request?
A. In this case, you may approach another doctor within the portal or otherwise. Total payment made by you for doctor fee and portal usage fee would be refunded to you within seven working days.
Q14. In case the doctor in his consultation answer asks for other documents in addition to ones already sent by me, what do I do?
A. In this case, you may send the additional medical documents to the doctor by courier clearly mentioning your web portal registration ID on the envelope and also inform the web portal admin of same. Doctor will give you revised consultation directly with no reference to the web portal at no additional doctor fee charges to you.
Q15. I have made requests with payment for second opinion consultations and/or follow up consultations. I want to cancel both the requests? Please advise
A. You may cancel all follow up consultation requests and second opinion consultation requests within four hours of having sent the requests, provided the requests have not been already answered by the concerned doctor within this time. In event of such cancellation, doctor fee would be refunded to you within seven working days. Portal fee would be payable by you. In case the doctor already consulted within the four hour period then no cancellation is permitted.


Q16. In case I am not happy with quality of consultation service what do I do?
A. In this case you may inform the web portal about your experience and give a rating level to the doctor. For issue of refund, you need to take up the matter directly with the doctor/s concerned without any reference to the portal.
Q17. Due to Internet interruptions I was unable to successfully make payment against my appointment/consultations request? Do I have to retype all the information I have already typed?
A. No in this case, all the material you have typed is automatically saved and retrieved before entering the payment gateway. You may check Pending Transaction after logging into your account on the web portal. This saves you the bother of re-entering the information already entered.
Q18. Does the web portal guarantee the stated credentials and medical experience of doctors listed on the web portal?
A. No the Web portal does not guarantee the mentioned credentials, degrees and medical experience of doctors listed on the web portal. Though the web portal makes all judicious and concerted efforts to list experienced and credible doctors of different specialities, it does not vouch safe for any information listed for the doctor on the web portal. You are advised to verify the doctor profile on your own before approaching the concerned doctor for the services listed on the web portal.
Q19. Please explain the general discounts and coupon codes applicability mentioned on the web portal.
A. Please see the text of discounts and coupon codes mentioned elsewhere (Refund/Cancellation Policy) on the web portal.
Q20. I am located in an area which does not have quality medical services. How may the web portal be of use to me?
A. Though it is imperative for you to make a physical appointment for a consultation with doctor concerned at least once, you will be able to avail of follow up consultations and second opinion consultations if and when required from your location from best medical experts without having to physically visit them unless they specifically ask to see you. This will save you enormous time, money and resources in having to physically visit the doctor every time for consultations.
Q21. Is the Patient able to evaluate the quality of a doctor service?
A. The Patient is allowed to rate doctor services in a subjective manner based on his complete experience of his/her dealing with the doctor. In this regard patient has choice of marking as per followings:
Needs Substantial Improvement
Very Good
Periodically an average of total stars received against a doctor name will be displayed in the particular doctor profile.
Q22. Please explain basics of uploading medical reports onto web portal for transmission to Doctor.
A. Please follow the following steps:-
  1. In case you do not have digital/soft copy of your medical report, take a picture of report from our smart phone OR scan it through digital scanner.
  2. In case using a laptop/desktop computer please store the scanned copy/ photo of medical report onto your computer.
  3. While requesting for follow-up or second opinion consultation, you may upload your report in given designated space for each report.

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